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HWPL  Interfaith Dialogue bridged Multiculturalism and Harmony

By: Marilie Bomediano
Photos by: ASIA 2 Rapporteur/HWPL
November 24, 2016


The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities' 18th and 19th  Interfaith dialogues, a collaboration between different religious and secular  traditions aimed  at  strengthening, understanding  and  cooperation between Australians were consecutively held recently at Meadowbank and  Sydney CBD.

Spearheaded by Lydia Im, the HWPL Director for New South Wales Sydney and well facilitated by Ms. Alex Ryu of HWPL, two consecutive dialogues of scriptures were conducted aimed to resolve present and future religious conflicts to achieve peace within the Australian multicultural communities.

The most recent Nov 19th Interfaith Dialogue were attended by the two Abrahamic religious leaders: Mr. Sheike Soner Coruhlu  from the Islamic faith and Mr. Peter Lee   (IPYG) the youth’s voice for Christianity joined by Mr. Atsushi Tojo from Scientology and Mr. Pandit Prem Misra from Hinduism last weekend in Sydney  CBD.

Nov 19th session HWPL Dialogue Of  Scriptures:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZbt-YWb0b4

On the other hand, the18th dialogue of scriptures last September were also attended by Mr. Mirja Sharif of the Ahmadiyya Islam and Mr. Peter Lee (IPYG youth’s voice) representing Christianity joined by Ms. Churlya Wurfel from Scientology, Mr. Pandit Prem Misra of Hinduism,  Mr. Shenouda Mansour of the Coptic Orthodox  and Mr. John Galea from Sufi Islam .

On the 18th Interfaith Dialogue last September’s  keynote speeches, religious leaders  Ms. Wurfel and Mr. Misra thanked the HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee and Chairwoman Nam Hee Kim for inviting them both  to the 2nd WARP SUMMIT 2016 event last September  18 in South Korea.

“Chairman  Lee, you are such an amazing leader who was able to gather  220 religious  leaders from 50 countries in  one roof at the amazing 2nd  WARP Summit 2016,  Sydney religious leader attendee Ms. Wurfel said.

Photo by: Victoria Kim (HWPL)

Representing Australia, a total of  six religious leaders has attended the 2nd WARP Summit 2016  with Sydney’s  Ms. Wurfel (Scientology) and Mr. Misra, (President of Hinduism)  along with  four others from Melbourne: Gurjeet  Sing Bains, a religious coordinator  in Sikhism,  Arsalan Mozaffari Falarti, President of Sufism, The Rt. Rev Peter  Gatbel Kunen Lual (Bishop of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan) an Anglical Bishop  and Mohammad Tawhidi, the Islamic Imam.

Photo by: Victoria Kim (HWPL)

Sydney’s religious representative Ms. Wurfel further explained:
“Scientology is the Philosophical aspects of  L. Ron Hubbard’s works that are sufficient in itself to be applied  in everyday existence.

“Scientology is the study of Knowledge, focused on individual’s goal and as a spiritual being and not as a physical body - to achieve the highness possible degree of self- sufficiency and independence through learned to know himself,  In other words, Scientology seeks to “wake up” an invidual from his or her slumber and to enable him to awaken others too so  they may regain their true spiritual nature, Ms Wurfel added.

To supplement Ms. Wurfel’s comment, Atsushi Tojo (Scientology) also expressed his comment on the 19th interfaith dialogue:

“I believe in self improvement, I only believe in what is applicable, where I just see the results, Mr Tojo said.

HWPL Interfaith Dialogue Nov 19 visuals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaStBqTCVbo

“Salvation in  Islamic religion is dependent on the belief into one God and repentant for the sins. I repent to God and I repent to someone I have wronged. That’s why we hurry for repentance before death overtakes you. Doinggooddeeds while believing in God , Altruism is what elevates your spirituality, Islam’s Sheike Soner Coruhlu said on the Nov 19th Interfaith Dialogue.

Nov 19th session of HWPL Dialogue Of  Scriptures:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZbt-YWb0b4

Mr. Mirja Sharif from the Ahmadiyya Islam at the 18th Interfaith Dialogue said:

“Bridging the gaps between us is great whether its through small forums like this or big scale like that of Chairman Lee’s DPCW campaign) unity can help.There’s 7.3 Billion people in the world, no doubt the population keeps on growing. Out of the 7.3 Billion, the Catholic Christians may be 2.2 % , Muslims are known to be 1.7 Billion, and the rest of the Hindus, Buddhists and the rest makes up the 7.3 Billion in the world.

Most of the people are good people.There’s that element of “that small group” who stained the religion, giving the religion that bad name.Then times changed with the crusaders, and here comes the this IS and other notorious names, but with unity there is power, we still face the Yawm ad-Din (Arabic: يوم الدين‎‎ "the Day of Judgment") is believed to be God's (Allāh) final assessment of humanity, Mr. Sharif added.

Nov 18th session of HWPL Dialogue of Scriptures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UitG3BHtbw4#t=48.340453

To understand the18th Interfaith Dialogue please browse:
“Listen to your conscience, that is your scripture, Mr. Pandit Prem Misra from Hinduism said.

To understand the interfaith dialogues please browse:
Christian and Islam  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZbt-YWb0b4

This latest interfaith forum has brought a a diverse cross-section of the religious society, united towards a legislation campaign advocacy of  the Declaration of Peace Cessation of War (DPCW) , the continuation of the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the World Alliance of Religions for Peace (WARP) Summit held in Gangnam, South Korea.

My participation started in May 29 this year with my HWPL Peace Walk at Hyde Park in Sydney CBD. That opened the avenue for me to be a Filipino-Australian media representative at the 2nd WARP Summit along with award-winning senior journalist for the Africa Media Australia (AMA)of Melbourne, Hussen Hubadin Mahamed.

It was a three-day journey towards “Peace and Cessation of War “for the  global delegates, who were hosted by Chairman Man Hee Lee of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL). We were both officially appointed as Australia’s HWPL Publicity Ambassadors to promote the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW)

As part of the Australia-Oceania region, I gained an appreciation of its mission having witnessed the global conference attended by religious leaders from 50 countries with 220 participants, political leaders from 90 countries with 299 participants, IWPG from 44 countries and 191 participants, IPYG from 44 Countries with 122 participants.

Read more on: http://hwpl.kr/newsletter/2016_warp_inside.html  


Read more on source: http://www.religioncommunicators.org/guidelines-for-interfaith-dialogue

There is valid purpose in dialogue regarding an issue which could become desirable or even mandatory for interfaith action as the result of the dialogue.

There is, however, valid purpose as well in dialogue which takes place for its own sake – for the elucidation of subjects and for the forthcoming of the persons and feelings of the participants.

Interfaith dialogue is possible only when two convictions pre-exist in the participants:

According to the forum’s protocol, no participant should be seeking to proselytize any other participant.

The participants were persuaded of the inherent validity and integrity of all the faith groups involved in the dialogue and are persuaded that no group possesses total and absolute knowledge regarding the nature and works of God and human involvement with the Divine.

During his past  keynote speech, HWPL Chairman  Man  Hee Lee proclaimed “The Declaration of Peace and Cessation of  War (DPCW) that we drafted  is a new legal framework that can bring about the cessation of war and world peace. Prime Ministers and chief  justices together  with the National Assembly of each  nation  must acknowledge the value and principles of the DPCW and propel and support the development process of the DPCW.

“If we do it, it is possible. If we don’t do it, it won’t happen” repeatedly reminding all the people in the governmental affairs and legal experts of the significance of the legislation of  the law for peace.

IWPG Chairwoman Nam Hee Kim said, “We ask the chiefs of state, judges and the  United Nations to work together for advocacy of  the international  law for cessation of war. Also, we ask ministers of states to give the message of peace and work with governments to advocate and  implement  the international  law.

“People from all walks of  life are working for peace; organizations and schools are providing peace education and women and youth are taking  the lead  in protecting themselves.’

Read more on: http://hwpl.kr/newsletter/2016_warp_inside.html 


To understand more on HWPL legislation advocacy: https://youtu.be/R9o7MW3EdVE

The 2nd Annual WARP event ended with a Grand Peace Palace Gala Dinner Farewell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jc2t4SWf3-I

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