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By: Marilie Bomediano
Photo: ASIA 2 Rapporteur
September 19, 2016


SEOUL, KOREA : Amid heightened tensions in the international community brought on by recent armed conflicts and terror attacks in multiple regions, world female leaders convened in Seoul to urge the international community for an international legal measure for peace and the cessation of war that will pave the way to global peace and a reunified Korean Peninsula.

Mindanao’s Bangsamoro Islamic Women Leaders of the Philippines, particularly the Maguindanao Women's  for Peace and Development Organization Inc. (MWPDO) along with the 1,000 World Female Leaders from 100 Countries Including former presidents and first ladies convened at the Grand Intercontinental Seoul last Sept 19th, in the implementation of International Law, the Declaration  for Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW), spearheaded by HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee with the Women’s IWPG Chairwoman Nam Hee Kim and the Youth’s IPYG Du Hyen Kim.

They also attended the IWPG peace Forum of the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) peace forum alongside with  Imelda  C. Senobago, the Planning Officer  IV  of the Provincial Government of Saranggani, H.E. Angeline Batiancila Omar, the Secondary School Teacher II of AFS Intercultural  Programs, Philippines.

Three Filipino women delegates were awarded with  IWPG Peace Committee plaques namely  Ms. Virginia Manuel, the  President of the National Federation of Women’s Club of the Philippines and members (Board Member for Cagayan Valley) Ms. Maria Olivia Pascual and Ms.  Jane Ortega.

They  have received the IWPG Peace Committee appointments  to work in solidarity with IWPG and the 3.6 Billion women of the world with motherly hearts to achieve cessation of war and inherit  a world peace to the future generations in their various regions of the Philippines.

As a Filipino-Aussie delegate born and raised in Mindanao, it was timely for me to be chosen as the ASIA 2 media team’s  rapporteur representingAustralia/Oceania, the producer-presenter of the twinned Radio Rizal 100.9 FM 2BACR and Sandigan Radio 88.1 FM, of PinOz global ethnic broadcast media.

As the feature editor of The Canberra Reporter and the news correspondent  for  Ang Kalatas NewsMedia, I  represented the Filipino Press Group Sydney in the Australia-Oceania region  linked with Journal  GlobaLinks  Print and Online News of Chicago, Ang Muntingnayon News Magazine Online (Netherlands).

As a newly appointed Publicity Ambassador of HWPL for Australia-Philippines, I am truly passionate to share a few of the attendee’s comments  from the honorary Australian and Filipino delegates.

MWPDO President Bai Jennah Mangudadato Lumawan of MWPDO the IWPG was accompanied by Helen Laud Piang (Board of Trustee of MWPDO) and her daughter Pearl Joy Laud Piang (member MWPDO) three of these delegates attended the WARP Summit voluntarily at their own return trip expense to pursue the peace advocacy of their regions. 

"All regions in Maguindanao must become one by spreading peace through signing the campaign to support the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War!", MWPDO President  Bai Jennah M. Lumawan said with her Mindanaoan heartfelt  IWPG greetings.

The Bangsamoro Women Leader Helen Laud Piang, President  Lumawan’s  spokesperson also sent a message strongly from their hearts:

“to our HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee, to our beloved Chairwoman Nam Hee Kim, we are so thankful  for inviting us here again in South Korea for the second time . I am amazed of the presentations, and I am very happy and very thankful all the people almost around the world who joined this summit!

"A wish for peace and grace be granted not only for my hometown but also within the Philippines and the entire world, is the first reason I joined this committee." Ms. Piang added.

Luzon’s Cagayan Valley Board member Olive Pascual has also attended, she is related to the PCC-NSW president Kate Roc Andres who is also a strong advocate of PinOz communities here in Sydney.

“In behalf of the Philippines, I would like to appeal to all the women and the women of the IWPG  to continue fighting for our DPCW legal advocacy and gather more signatories.

“I represent the National Federation of Women’s Club of the Philippines as one of the 12 delegates, Board Member Pascual strongly pointed out.

“We are here because we all believe that women has a great role to play in bringing about peace in each and every citizen In the Cagayan Valley region, we conduct interfaith dialogues at least once a month . Also, being in the government service we make sure that the government and the religious sector really  meets  in a dialogue so that we can come up with real good plans.

The research techniques of the locals in the Cagayan Valley region is mainly using the internet as a tool, but we still need more HWPL, IWPG and IPYG brochures for further informations for the locals of the region...including the youth, Ms. Pascual added.

Representing the Filipino Press Group Sydney, I was chosen to represent Australia and Oceania and mingled with the world female leaders from 100 Countries with former presidents and first ladies, world political leaders, religious leaders and media.
Echoing this movement, The International Women's Peace Group (IWPG, Chairwoman Nam Hee Kim) urged for the implementation of an international law for peace and cessation of war at its 2016 IWPG Network Forum hosted in the Grand Ballroom of Hotel Grand Intercontinental Seoul on the 19th of September marking the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit.

□ Themed The Role of 3.6 Billion Women in Realizing Peace and Cessation of War, the Forum was joined by approximately 900 female leaders from home and abroad and 100 female university students representing the leaders of the next generation. Among some 900 female leaders at the Forum were Teiraeng Maamau, First Lady of Kiribati; Awut Deng Acuil, the Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare of the Republic of South Sudan; and Anna Cervenakova, a human rights lawyer at the Czech Helsinki Committee.

□ The Forum was hosted to take a leap forward for peace by promoting the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW), announced on March 14 under the initiative of HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, and Restoration of Light) and working for its adoption at the UN and its development as an enforceable international legal instrument.

□ In her remarks, Nam Hee Kim the Chairwoman of the IWPG said as she greeted the participants, "the UN and the entire international community must expand the role of women in building peace and security," and noted that the key factors that form the backbone of the SDGs, with 2030 as the target year, are embodied in the DPCW (the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War). She also remarked that the best measure for women to protect women themselves is to urge for the adoption of the DPCW and the implementation of international law for peace and cessation of war.

□ Speakers at the 2016 IWPG Network Forum were Man Hee Lee, Chairman of HWPL; Edita Tahiri, Incumbent Minister for Dialogue of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo; Lee Yunsook, Former Minister of Political Affairs II (Women's Affairs) of the Republic of Korea; and Leokadiia Gerasymenko, President of Women's Union of Ukraine.

□ HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee said in his speech, "[Women gathered here] must be the key to peace and open the hearts of the 3.6 billion women worldwide," and added, "once you go home, please talk to your political leaders and urge them to support the implementation of international law for peace and cessation of war."

□ Edita Tahiri, Minister for Dialogue of the Government of Kosovo, remarked, "For those like us who never again want to see war and genocide against their people, peace has a very special meaning," as she invited the audience to take an active role in putting an end to the history of wars and open an era of peace.

□ Lee Yunsook, Former Minister of Women's Affairs of Korea, shared her family story of separation by war and urged for the adoption of the DPCW at the UN for its implementation as part of international law for everyone who is suffering because of war as she did.

□ Leokadiia Gerasymenko, President of Women's Union of Ukraine, reported on the current state of women and children afflicted by war in Ukraine and stressed that "the implementation of international law based on the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War is a must for the UN."

□ Following the Forum, 109 women from 16 countries were appointed to the IWPG Peace Committee. The Committee is to promote IWPG peace movements and galvanize support from female communities in respective regions for the DPCW and its adoption as an international legal instrument.

□ The IWPG is a non-profit peace NGO which has 200 branches worldwide collaborating with approximately 100 affiliate groups in its peace works.

The IWPG is a non-profit, non-governmental international organization for peace that has 200 branches around the globe and 100 affiliated groups. It is currently working with the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) and leading campaigns to support the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War.

On March 14, 2016 HWPL has pushed for the Declaration’s development into a legal binding international measure recognized by the UN.

The Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War was proclaimed in March 11, 2016 during the 3rd HWPL International Law Peace Committee Meeting held at the the Peace Palace, South Korea.

The presence of Abubakar  Basman, Security Council Member of the Muslim Youth Council and Al-Raid/Philippines who was the 2015 Present HWPL Publicity Ambassador, Philippines, the co-founder and president of Al-Raid (Must-Muslim Student Organisation) and the Security Councilor of Muslim Youth Council, was proudly acknowledged during the  signage, a globally anticipated moment.

See more: http://hwpl.kr/media/video       
Read more: http://hwpl.kr/newsletter/2016_august.html

During the Proclamation Ceremony of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, Man Hee Lee, Chairman of HWL said:

“Today is a special day for humanity and the earth. All of us who were born into this generation, so we are one family of peace, sharing  the same vision of creating peace.

Everyone, let us become one  family of peace, Chairman Lee concluded.

Nam Hee Kim, IWPG Chairwoman/South Korea, President of “SHE CAN” Project, Co-host of the 2014 World Alliance of Religion’ Peace Summit, Host of the 2013 IWPG Event for International Women’s Day  and the 2012-2016 World Peace Tours (24 tours total) , Chairwoman Kim said this earlier this year in mid March.

You are the foundation of the peace of humanity, the heroes for the future generations. Our children will be able to live in a new era of peace, thanking you for making it possible. The name of each and everyone of you will shine gloriously in history.

 “We IWPG will support you and your work as a united force of 3.6 billion women around the world. I promise on behalf of all women to protect our children from the war fronts.

“When light  meets  light, there is victory. IWPG Chairwoman Nam Hee Kim concludes.

“My vision is that all news stories be made with less sensationalism, meaning we should focus more on positive stories rather than stories that focus on crimes, violence and war.

Ms. Elizabeth C. Cachin, News Operations Coordinator of PTV, Philippines
A message to the Publicity Ambassadors:

“My message is that we be vigilant in our request for world peace and that we should encourage others to help in this advocacy.

I encourage everyone to please support all the endeavours and activities of HWPL, IPYG and IWPG. Be a messenger of peace, be a light of hope and spread world peace,

read more:    https://issuu.com/hwpl/docs/hwpl_newsletter_2016_august_en

see visuals:   http://hwpl.kr

To understand more on HWPL  legislation advocacy: https://youtu.be/R9o7MW3EdVE


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